Meet The Farmers


About Rabbit Fields

Rabbit Fields is a small certified organic farm situated on the fertile alluvial fan of the Skagit River. Driven by enthusiastic energy and a passion for sustainable living practices, Rabbit Fields is dedicated to providing fresh, local, organic produce to our community, while preserving and maintaining its farm land.

2020 is Rabbit Fields 13th season farming independently. Learning curves have been met, nature challenged, experiments embraced and Northeasters endured all in an effort to create community, appreciation for sustainability and universal connection through food. The future holds that of challenge, growth, education, and continued effort to join the fields with your dinner table.

Full circle from field to feast, we love what we do, embracing farming lifestyle. With fertile river bed soil under foot, the distant Twin Sisters, and the Skagit River only a hop away. I can’t imagine a more beautiful office!

Add Rabbit Fields to your daily routine, let us challenge you taste buds, provide a culinary experience and unite your friends and family over plates dressed with northwest’s freshest bounty. We look forward to meeting you, farming for you and bringing our field to your kitchen.

Roslyn McNicholl